XMB 2.8

Technical data


Excavator weight Ton 18-30
Weight Kg 2800
Operating pressure Bar 350
Oil flow l/min 100-250
Operating pressure Rotation max. bar 180
Oil flow Rotation max. l/min 60





Bionic Jaw

Opening-width jaw mm 420
Thickness of reinforced concrete mm 400


Tripod Jaw

Opening-width jaw

mm 800
Thickness of reinforced concrete mm 650


Steal Jaw

Opening-width jaw mm 560




Hydraulically changing the jaw-plates has significant advantages:
1) fully hydraulic - easy and effortless
2) controlled from the cabin
3) lightning fast in 2 minutes



The advantages for our customers:
1) hardly any interruption in the production process
2) no idle hours for the shear
3) no labor costs for workshop employees


The XMB redefines demolition!
1) one bite for ready to be processed material
2) simultaneously crushing and cutting material on 3 sides.
3) Iron ready for container


Everything for a significant quickening of demolition. Contact us and we will show you how advantageous the XMB is.