Egli Hydraulic Magnet

The Egli-Profi Hydraulic Magnet for your demolition and sorting activities


The Egli magnet significantly reduces the amount of steal in debris, preventing damage to your demolition machines. Furthermore, the Egli magnet ensures a tidy and accessible demolition site.

Another advantage: automated demolition and sorting activities are time-efficient, provide perfect quality recycled material, and a care-free further process. Swiss made.


The characteristics at a glance


Cost saving and flexibility

- Thanks to its integrated generator, the magnet is compatible with virtually any excavator with   hydraulic-shear function
- Less damage to tires of trucks and excavators
- Less damage to conveyor belts when loading a crusher
- Decrease in crusher maintenance costs


Technical advantages

- Generator with double bearing and an external ventilation system
- Oil leakage volume protection
- Electronics protected from shocks through encapsulated components
- No remote control, and therefore, no hindering external influences
- User friendly and high maintainability, due to detachable plates


Convenient and safe

- Personnel and time efficient
- Automated steal sorting as a replacement of manual labor, taking away the risk of injuries for workers
- Oil Quick coupler system compatibility enables fast demolition tool changing
- No need for electricity cables to be placed on excavator boom
- Fast and accurate unloading of material through the reversed magnetic field function, operated from the cabin


Maximum security

- Certified hydraulic magnet
- IP54 class generator
- Electric cables and sockets not mounted on excavator
- Magnet capable of operating vertically
- In accordance with CE regulations
- Test certificate from the German Construction Industry Association

EMB 700
EMB 700 A
EMB 900 A
EMB 1100 A